Madde (maddethehermit) wrote,

i love to eat lollipops. halloween brings awesomeness.

 i really hate my job.
it is difficult to describe how much i hate my job.
working fulltime at a shitty minimum wage job is the most awful shit evaaarrrr,
so i can't wait till after christmas when i will get a new one.
--i'm not gettin one till then because places hiring now are going to be seasonal only, so i would just have to get another job in january or something, and that's no fun. in addition, i am going away for a week around christmastime so it wouldn't be good to get a new job now/ leave the one i have. i may hate my job at timothy's as a coffee labourer (as i like to call it), but i will be going to THE BAHAMAS for Christmas :)
until then i have to work full time, so i have to go to bed to wake up early for m 9.5 hour shift tomorrow, LAAAAMMMMMMEEEEE.

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