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TIS me
being a raging drug-induced insomniac.
it's okay, because i don't have work tomorrow, thank heavens, and this actually is how i'd like to be spending my time.

everyone around me seems to be coupling off.

couple couple. a couple o' couples.

i've got ... music. yay! at the moment i'm really into early 90s alt-rock; basically the pixies and the breeders. i sort of dive into the genre, reading as much as i can while downloading and watching videos & stuff, burning cds so i can listen as i bike since my ipod decided to cripple itself.

the bicycle is my mode of transport, rain or shine... i'm concerned about snow, though. it's been a warm november, but come winterwinter i will need to get to work somehow, and biking just might be out of the question.

oh weary dreary life.

at least i've got this computer, which is actually awesome since mine is in the shop getting madfixed & such. at least when roommates are otherwise occupied with, oh i guess, a significant other i get the computator.

pretty music is pretty, but some time i will need a warm body to snuggle up to. i just don't know when that will be.

or who it will be. mrr.

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