Madde (maddethehermit) wrote,

just when you thought I was going to leave you alone... I'M BACK

Bonjour, salut, sup.

In my continued attempt to return to frequent LJ use, I have changed the look of my journal.


It took an obscenely long time to complete, I assure you. No, seriously, I don't know how to work the interwebs and I found it severely difficult and frustrating, but look!
The picture is a Natalie Dee cartoon, obviously, because she is a true genius.

I don't even know where to start! I really want to make a nice long UPDATE OF MY LIFE as a catch-up thing, though Teresina might be the only one who reads it (YAAAAY, I used this icon because you made it for me <3), but I ALSO want to update my user profile tingalingtang, and I want to make one of those snazzy "LOCKED JOURNAL OMG I'M REALLY COOL SO YOU SHOULD ADD ME BASED ON THE FEW DETAILS I'LL WRITE BELOW THAT MAKE ME SEEM LEGITMATE AND COOL ENOUGH TO WARRANT YOUR ADDING ME"
entries that will chill up on the top of my entries from now until forever.

Also I have some readings to do. Fuck, mang, why can't I get this enthused by my studies, even if they're interesting?
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